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At this time we are taking orders from friends, friends of friends, coworkers, and family until we are better established. 


Orders can be made via text at


Please do not email orders...

pssst - we won't get them

We ask that orders be made no less than two weeks in advance.

We require a minimum of:

$125 per cake order

$50 per just treat order

$25-100 non refundable deposit

upon final contract signing.

For a list of flavors, ideas, and base prices, see the "Let's Get Serious" Page


IMG-4604 (1)_edited.jpg

Both of the above cakes were specifically made and donated to very special kids through the Non Profit "For Goodness Cakes."

I'm Ready to Order! What are the steps?

  1. Text us that you would like an estimate on a cake and/or treats

  2. We will respond within 24/36 hours inquiring on a basic idea that you have.  At this time feel free to send pics and ideas.

  3. We will generate price estimates and send a quote on each of your ideas

  4. You confirm which idea you agree with

  5. We send you a more complete questionnaire to get specific details of your order

  6. Once received we draft up a Confirmation Invoice that you will sign once you are in agreement

  7. A draft contract is created for your review and signature noting as a final agreement and your $100 non refundable deposit can be made through cash, check, or Pay Pal.

  8. We create your wonderful treat / cake

  9. You pick it up or we deliver it to you

  10. You enjoy it

  11. We go buy more fun cake supplies with the money we have made.

  12. You tell all your friends about the fabulous cake you just had and share our info with them and they become a "friend of a friend"

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